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Features & Benefits

High purity moulded hose and tubing assemblies which can be custom produced to meet with you individual or specific applications needs.

All Puresil High Purity moulded components are fully produced and packed in ISO 7 class 10,000 dedicated Clean Rooms

All Puresil moulded components can be supplied pre-packaged and gamma irradiated "Ready to Use"


Puresil Moulded Components: include the following items:
Tri-Clamp Sanitary end connections
Moulded Tee Pieces & ‘Y’ Tube Connectors
Flexible media transfer tube assemblies in High Purity Silicone Rubber & TPE materials.
Flexible transfer manifolds & Tubing sets
Sampling manifolds and Media bag Assemblies
Bungs & Bottle Stopper ( Top Works )
Moulded Single Use Valve liners